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Over the years, Bessinger’s Barbeque has witnessed its share of famous faces — from politicians to musicians, actors and the media — enjoying their now famous food. In fact, it's not uncommon for celebrities to insist on eating Bessinger's legendary barbeque while in town.

Andrew Zimmern Likes Bessingers BBQ

Andrew Zimmern

Mitt Romney Eats Bessingers BBQ

Mitt Romney

Andrew Zimmern, famous for his shows on The Travel Channel, really loves Bessinger's, and says of our sauce, "I usually don’t like mustard BBQ sauces but I drink your 'spicy' version like its water. Can’t get enough!” He actually has two bottles of our sauce in his fridge!

North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole, who enjoyed the Southern Buffet and had special kudos for Bessinger's Original Gold Recipe Sauce, and former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon both visited the restaurant while speaking to local Rotary Clubs.

Libby Dole ate at Bessingers BBQ

Libby Dole

LL Cool J eats at Bessingers Famous BBQ

LL Cool J

Charlie Daniels Likes Bessingers BBQ

Charlie Daniels

Musician and actor LL Cool J stopped by for ribs and chicken, and country music stars Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams, Jr., Vince Gill and the Marshall Tucker Band all noshed on Bessinger's legendary barbeque pork and hash and rice while in town for concerts. And apparently the word spread throughout the music world -- Michael McDonald, Daryl Hall and John Oates all insisted that Bessinger's pork and ribs be delivered to their plane to eat on their way out of town after a fall 2004 concert.

Charleston has also served as the setting for many feature films, and Bessinger's was called out to cater the set of Major League 3 with its famous barbeque, hash and rice for all the cast and crew, including actor Scott Bakula, who raved about the barbeque.

Bessingers BBQ Server The Marshall Tucker Band

The Marshall Tucker Band

Hank Williams Jr. Ate Bessingers Famous BBQ

Hank Williams Jr.

Randy Travis Likes Bessingers BBQ

Randy Travis

The media has caught on too, as a crew of six from Southern Living asked that Bessinger's barbeque be delivered to their room at the elegant Wentworth Mansion after a long and rainy shoot just outside of Charleston at Sewee Preserve. A personal note from the assistant food editor declared the barbeque "divine."

Scott Bakula Enjoys Bessingers BBQ

Scott Bakula

But famous or not, Bessinger's aims to win over every customer with each succulent bite.