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In The News

“The flavor is distinctive and well balanced, with sweetness but plenty of tang.”
— Southern Living Bar-B-Que: Our Ultimate Guide

“[Thomas Bessinger’s barbeque sauce] was the best [of the Bessinger brothers’], terrifically balancing the tangs of mustard and vinegar with a wood fire’s charry flavor.”
— The New York Times Magazine

About Bessinger’s onion rings:
“Their combination of puffy coating and crunchy-soft onion makes them one of Bessinger’s memorable best-sellers.”

— Southern Living

“Wow! Around for 60 years – and for real good reason – this is a Top Ten-er of the first order. With the best pork sandwich yet encountered, and classic, delectable hash – they also boast the most original, classic, delicious onion rings (and I’m not even a huge onion ring person!), and three outstanding sauces. Ranging from mustard-based, to a spicier batch of the same, and a wonderful vinegar-based sauce – they’re a perfect compliment to some of the best spareribs currently being served. (It didn’t hurt matters in the least, that we had them right out of the smoker…Oh baby!) Tender, tear-apart ribs, with the ultimate “wavy pink” texture – their flavor forced me to ask if I could set up a cot near the smoker.”
— Allan Baker, Freelance Writer,

“A landmark in Charleston, Bessinger’s is the newest member of A.R. Baker’s Top Ten. This place is fabulous! Arguably the best mustard-based sauce around — tender, juicy, celestial shredded pork and great buns…You see where we’re going here? If not — please try to stay with the rest of us. You have Bessinger’s trademark item — their incredible, selling-national-secrets-for-the-recipe, pork sandwich. It’s as good as it gets in PorkLand. Two more trademark items are their hash (a thick, sumptious BBQ “gravy,” served over rice) and their award-winning onion rings. The superlatives could take up an entire article. Let’s just say — THE very best of their respective ilks. And, the spareribs — right out of the smoker … Remember that floating dog we spoke of earlier? This time at least — I was outside… Rating – 4.98* [out of 5] “
— National BBQ News

“The Big Joe sandwiches, either pork or beef, are examples of barbecue at its best and the sandwich shop offers the best mouth-watering cheeseburgers in town.”
— The Islander

Living in South Carolina Magazine readers voted Bessinger’s Barbeque the best barbeque in South Carolina. Readers said:

“I have been eating Bessinger’s Barbeque for over 37 years. In my nationwide search for the perfect barbeque, I have yet to find any better.”
— Reese Inabinett, Mt. Pleasant

“No doubt about it. It’s Bessinger’s Barbeque, Charleston. Slow pit roasted pig, chopped and mixed with a great sauce. It’s a succulent, tender, mouthwatering feed. Mmmmm good!”
— W. Langdon Reeder

“We drive 100 miles to eat at Bessinger’s. My daughter made reservations for our anniversary at the only five-star restaurant in Charleston and we insisted on Bessinger’s.”
— A.J. Sineath, Pinopolis